We track market & technology trends, provide business development, positioning strategies, and ecosystem expertise. Our focus is on emerging technologies in VR/AR/MR, immersive tech, games, 3D enterprise & entertainment. Our team can provide you with the industry connections you need.

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We provide clients with a breadth of custom research and analysis that is flexible, targeted and tailored.

  • Developer Surveys

  • Channel Surveys

  • Consumer Surveys

  • Interviews – in person  telephone and email interviews

  • Focus Groups

Client Testimonial: “In order to stay abreast of new companies, products and technologies in the digital media space, it is critical for us to have a source of information to turn to, but perhaps more importantly, to rely on. We’ve found the market analysis from M2 Insights to be fresh, insightful and forward-thinking. Wanda Meloni’s input was invaluable to us recently, having incorporated it into some successful investor-related presentations.”


We work directly with your company to support your  marketing needs.  Just call us with your specific requirements!

  • Positioning Strategy

  • Market Analysis

  • Customer Segmentation and Analysis

  • Channel Analysis

Client Testimonial: “I turned to M2 to better understand the AR/VR marketplace. Wanda contributed directly to the velocity with which we reached unprecedented milestones:

  • She connected us to gaming, graphics, VR/AR, enterprise and emerging technology leaders that we could not otherwise reach.
  • Her deep knowledge of industry patterns & trends are invaluable assets.
  • She is always strategic in her thinking and is a great team player.”


M2 Insights works one-on-one with clients to support their business strategies and growth.

  • Align business strategies

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Business Model Assessment and Alignment.

  • Partner Assessment

Client Testimonial: “Wanda is beyond doubt one of the most knowledgeable and forward-thinking analysts I know in the game and film technology space. She has helped me numerous times in defining the big picture for certain technologies and their impact on the market. I would highly recommend Wanda and her research to any executive looking to get into this market space, or needing expert strategic advice for their company.”


Working closely with your team, we can help you identify key partnerships, platform and developer support, as well as investment opportunities.

  • Partner Targets

  • Investment Targets

  • Platform/Hardware Targets

  • Developer Targets

Client Testimonial: “I have engaged M2 Insights on numerous occasions with multiple companies and have collaborated with Wanda on a number of projects, Advisory Boards etc. Her vast and pragmatic technical and business knowledge, coupled with her unparalleled multi-industry Rolodex, and strong interpersonal skills, make her an invaluable asset to any company in the capacity of sales, marketing, business development and general management. She is one of my most reliable business contacts.”

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