Paramount Pictures Showing Top Gun in VR…Sort of.

There is something to be said for the movie business.  They will go to hell and high water to chase that mighty dollar by coming up with innovative ways to get people to fill the seats.  It's no longer enough to have cushy chairs and a night on the town.  Now it's about bigger screens, [...]

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Sinjin Bain Takes Helm At Method Studios’ Newly Formed Method EXP for AR/VR Production

Method Studios As Method Studios continues to scale as a global creative force, the company announced Method EXP, its dedicated production group creating world-class immersive experiences, formerly known as Deluxe VR. Long-time EA Electronic Arts (EA) executive Sinjin Bain has joined to lead Method EXP as SVP, Global Head of VR/AR, reporting to [...]

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